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The feelings of the Dragon Boat Festival pro-knot "Revolutionary Road"

Date:2015年8月20日 16:34
The feelings of the Dragon Boat Festival pro-knot "Revolutionary Road"
                             - Mind, "leather Road Dongguan Leather have company," Dragon Boat Festival to expand trip
June 23, 2012, "Revolutionary Road, Dongguan City Leather Co., Ltd.," 66-person team in Liaobu field base launched a one-day Outward Bound Training. The event is designed to recognize team and individual, build confidence and mutual trust and feel close relationship with each other in their work for the benefit of the company's long-term development. From the beginning of camp discipline coaches, students will experience a paramilitary management atmosphere, it got it all, it is called "Revolutionary Road," the spirit!
From "reported that the number relay race" to "flop" from the "jigsaw puzzle" to "graduation wall", the participants in the training school, learn and realize which project puzzle experience for everyone was impressed, it is primarily a test of our coordination team, but also exposed our presence in the actual work problems. Because the game we will do it according to the established way of thinking from the beginning, leading the group failed to give full play to its leading role, the other six teams in its own small team as a unit, their own way. Although we do not very successful, but they learned a lesson: Whether work or live, we can not self-centered, your mind filled with other people is necessary, the team, before success. "One team, with success!" Similarly, the company is a big team, all employees must be clear about our common goal, and then the various departments around this objective, to mobilize the resources of the department, division coordination, effective communication, and to perfect The execution of the final completion of the company's goals. "
The last is our "graduation wall", and asked us to 66 people climbed 4.2 m high and slippery walls both within the stipulated time of 30 minutes in the process, it also can not use any external tools, including: clothing, belt, rope, used in things only their own bodies. All the people form a large group, it seems prohibitively, failed again and again, and again to test the weight of every member of patience and perseverance. But no team wants to give up, instructors shouted, when you see the valuing of players scarred, we only silent tears to express inner feelings, to continue stepping on the shoulders of the players climb up, The silence speaks. Finally, we succeeded overtime, instructors, players form a circle, as we go beyond today's cry together, cheering together!
On the way back, the heart still can not calm. Players to overcome difficulties smile, players cried tears of mutual tolerance error when digital Relay eyes, push-ups due to insufficient strength of applause to encourage each other and so we came to realize that we are no longer a person, we are a united overall. We do not care about personal gains and losses, we pay more attention to collective honor. Just try, and this experience is more worthy of our lifetime collection ......
The story touched hearts and many, we will one day fall feeling deep down, the heart comprehend the actual work combine to make training to sublimate. The Outward Bound let us re-acquainted themselves, but also re-acquainted with others. It is taught us life, work, let us know tolerance, unity, harmony, trust ...... stand in someone else's shoulders we can see more, our success must go hand in hand and help someone else. So thanks to my friends, those who accompany us through the ups and downs. Each teammate who has a bright spot, they are like my brothers and sisters, perhaps with the passage of time, gradually graying temples, youth go away, but this story can become Jack, always nourishing, let our hearts stay young.
  Lili rain did not stop the pace of our progress, our team ready to go!
  Team because the players punished for mistakes, but we still fearless forward, a little bit of encouragement that we will go further!
  Tangram activities, seven groups from disappointing until you grab the final goal unite together for only one struggle!
     Intermission, do not forget the pendulum pose, happy show them!

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